Friday, August 1, 2014

Five for Friday {& Freebie}

(BTW Today is my half-birthday! Yay!)

Tomorrow morning I board a plane and begin my 9 day adventure to Baja Mexico to work at a summer camp for orphans. If you missed this big news the other day {see here}, this was a last minute opportunity for me to go and I am so eager to get down there and shower those kiddos with love.

Last week I mentioned how excited I am about my awesome new DIY planner I am attempting  {see here}. Well, Kelly over at An Apple For The Teacher knows exactly what I mean about how cool the Arc System is because she is using one too! In fact she is currently doing an awesome giveaway to win an Arc System Hole Punch!! An essential for any Arc System lover! If you are interested in the Arc System and potentially winning this great giveaway pop on over to Kelly's blog to read more.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 
Congrats to the winner from my Wednesday Wishlist:
Hope Newport
(I used the Random Name Picker from ClassTools.Net to pick the winner, if you were curious.)
 She will be receiving a free copy of my Candy Math- Fractions and Graphing Pack

I am really excited about both of these sets of arrows I posted to TpT this week!
As a freebie , you can download a sampler of the red and green arrows from my Bold Arrows pack (get it? Mexico's flag colors, since I'm going to Mexico!). That a total of 8 arrows free! They will be available until I return on August 9!
Click HERE to get your freebie!

My second new arrow set I am excited about is my  Crazy B&W Arrow Set
For only $1, these arrows are perfect for adding a little flare to your TpT products and product covers. 


With this last second trip, I nearly forgot about the Blog Hoppin' scavenger hunt! Today is the last possible time I could post photos since I will not have cell service in Mexico! (Could you imagine the devastation if I hadn't gotten to 105 before leaving!) Here is an update of some of my more recent scavenger hunt finds!
Toes in the sand and "Blog Hoppin 2014" Written In the Sand

Someone Hula Hooping
Adult Wearing a Helmet
Person in a Shopping Cart
Someone Wearing Leopard Print 

Over-sized Sunglasses at a close friend's wedding!

Man in a Dress
August 2014 Calendar
Selfie With My Badge

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  1. Great job getting to 105!! I made it to one... Haha. Enjoy your trip!!!!

    Learning to be awesome