Sunday, July 27, 2014

Baja Or Bust!

I have exciting news my blogging friends! 

Next Saturday I will be heading down to Baja Mexico to work with a program called Genesis Diez, an educational non-profit organization in Mexico that creates learning experiences for the orphanage and migrant children of Baja California, Mexico.

My hometown church has sent a youth and young adult mission team to Mexico for the past 8 years to work at their Learning Resource Center, Rancho Genesis. Rancho Genesis is a "unique facility within Baja, that provides learning experiences for children that build positive self-worth, camping adventures, opportunities to build extended relationships, charitable services, and professional development for the staff involved in the care of children in orphanages and shelters."

This will actually be my second time on this trip. I first went back in 2007 and had an amazing experience. I had planned to return again in 2008 but at 2 AM the morning of our flight I was hospitalized from ruptured ovarian cysts and the doctors refused to clear me to leave the country.

That year I left Washington to go to college in Idaho and the distance made it too difficult for me to commit the time, energy, and money to the trip. Not to mention that I was 300 miles away and very disconnected from the team. Although I have desperately wanted to return to Mexico with the mission team, things have constantly stood in my way since 2007.

Well God works in weird ways and the opportunity arose for me to take the last minute spot of another member who is no longer able to go on this year's trip. The timing could not have been more perfect! My part time summer work ends this Friday and all of my summer trainings are either this week or the week after the trip. My schedule is clear, my passport is up-to-date (thank you enhanced drivers license!), and my hubby fully supports me going.

This means that I will be unplugged for about 9 days starting next Saturday(just as I was getting back into the swing of blogging!)
It also means I only have five days left to hit up Target and then start packing!!


I am so excited and grateful for this experience!
Expect updates when I return!


  1. FUN!!! Oh my gosh, when you posted on instagram that you had exciting news about orphans I thought you were adopting!! haha. This is totally just as awesome. :)

    Have an awesome time. I can't wait to hear the updates!!

    Learning to be awesome

    1. I guess that post could have been a little misleading! I would absolutely love to take one of those previous kiddos home with me. It is actually something the Mr. and I have talked about doing in the coming years though!

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