Friday, February 7, 2014

Currently A Week Behind

If you read through this post you'll understand why I have been scarce on the blogosphere lately. I feel like I've gone a million different directions lately. But I didn't want to miss Farley's monthly Currently link up.

Birthday by Selena Gomez. I am still in the birthday mood and this song is so much fun! I love that Selena has stuck to keeping her music clean so I have no hesitancy to play this song all day long!
My husband got me the perfect wool coat for my birthday and I love it! Especially with the on-and-off rain here in Washington lately. I had been looking for the perfect coat since October so I am so happy to have found it. It made birthday shopping easy fro the husband considering my hints were rather to-the-point. I was very pick about what I wanted. Navy blue, wool outside with lining, below hip length but not too long, sewn on hood not buttoned or zippered, zipper front, pockets big enough I can actually use them, and a hood that doesn't swallow my small head.

Move, move, move! I am so eager to move into our new apartment that I am already calling it 'ours' before we've even been approved for it... or even applied... or officially talked to management....
Either way, we found the perfect apartements with a great loaction, close to where both of us work, close to our church, straight shot to the freeway, and in a nice area. They are also in our budget and decently sized. We WILL get into those aparements.

A life coach! I have been offered a few long term subbing positions the last couple weeks since I started subbing. I am having the hardest time determining what in the world to do. By Monday I am expected to give my answer to two positions at a school I have loved subbing at but have reservations about the positions. There are a million different factors and I have no idea what to do.

HEAT!! It has been in the mid- 20's here rather consistantly the last few days. I DO NOT like the cold. I spent the last five years suffing through 6 month long winters in Eastern Washington and was really looking forward to the warmer winters here in Western Washington. I thought I was in the clear and now suddenly it's freezing in February! I am not buildt to last in such chilly wheather.

2 Truths and A Fib:
1. Truth! I have a purple butterfly tattoo. I got it my senior year of high school. Over the top of the left wing is has my youngest brothers name "Kalen" who passed away from SIDS when I was five.

2. Fib! If you've read my blog for a while now, then you know I have no children, not yet atleast. Just my husband and I.

3. Truth! Pineapple makes me all puffy, red, and itchy. I also can't have too much of other kinds of citirus either or my nose turns red and itchy! No hawaian pizza for this gal.


  1. We finally got some of your cold weather in East Texas. Hoping your job choice is what you need and want.

  2. I held many long-term sub positions before landing a contract with the school district I've taught in for almost 19 years now! Some were challenging, some were fabulous. I wish you the best as you make your decision!

    I don't think fruit belongs on pizza anyway!

    I enjoyed reading your CURRENTLY!

  3. Happy belated birthday. I wouldn't worry to much about being late with your "Currently". Better late than never - right!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. Although I've only been following your blog for a little while, I'd like to nominate you for another Liebster Award. If you accept, please go check out my blog and read about what you have to do.

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  5. Having more than one job offer on the table is never a bad thing :) Happy birthday and congrats on the job!