Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still Here!

I’m still here! I’m still alive! I know it have been a while since I last posted or communicated via blogs. I promise I have not abandoned the blogging world!! 

You may remember that I mentioned a few times that the husband and I were looking for an apartment. I even mentioned in my most recent Currently post that we found the one we wanted. Well within a day of posting that, the apartment became available! 

The last week an a half  went a little something like this: 

Call the husband
Make an appointment
Second guess ourselves
Make another appointment

So to summarize, it has been a hecktick time period for the Root family. On top of all that, the husband and I have both been fighting a terrible cold the last week or so. 

On the teaching home front, here is what I've been up to. I declined both long term subbing positions I was offered after lots of talks with HR, other teachers and my husband. I did agree to a three week position in a Special Education Preschool at our district's B-E-A-Utiful new Early Childhood Center. 

I wish I had some better photos but this gives you just a glimps. The best part about subbing here is that some of my kiddos I worked with this past summer as part of my early intervention internship  now attend the preschool so I get to see them. 
No updates just yet on the job front but I have been busy looking and applying. I will keep you all in the loop as soon as things get more settled.

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