Monday, February 3, 2014

What Does The HAWK Say? Victory Freebies!

Holy cow! What an exciting Super Bowl Sunday yesterday. If you've ever been in a city after their team has just won the Super Bowl then you'll understand what I mean when I sat Seattle went crazy over out victory yesterday! You've gotta love an exciting event like a Super Bowl win that had complete strangers hugging and high-fiving in celebration. (And ok, maybe some over the top celebration riots.) I'm no die hard fan like many of my fellow Seattleites but I am proud to be from Washington right about now. Plus I love just how excited all the students are today and all decked out in their Hawks gear. The Seahawks are all they can talk about today!

Whether you are celebrating, mourning, or in between, I am sharing a new Seattle inspired freebie as well as revisiting one of my most popular freebies. Click on the images below to snag either of these freebies for yourself! Comments welcome!

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