Monday, August 12, 2013

My First Made-it-Monday

A few weeks ago, First Grade Frenzy!, posted these adorable and simple custom pens she made. I just discovered these a few days ago though (forgive me if I am little slower than other bloggers, I am still new and trying my hardest to get up to date on what the pro-bloggers are doing! haha.) I thought these pens would be perfect for my first ever Made-it-Monday. I also love stashing pens everywhere for quick access so I'll all for buying a few more. Now I can stash them all over and feel fancy when I whip out a beautiful, one-of-a kind pen!

The supplies: 
clear barreled pens (Pentel R.S.V.P are perfect)
scrapbook paper
Optional: Glitter

First, cut the paper to the length of the pen barrel, mine were 3 and 3/8'' .  The width of the paper should then be cut to just over three time the diameter of the barrel (after all Circumference = π × diameter). 3/4" worked for my pens. If it is too wide, it's harder to roll the paper to fit in the barrel.

Next, remove the twisty cap on the end of the pen and remove the ink as well (mine were attached). Roll the paper tightly and slide it into the barrel. Replace the ink and cap. That's it, you're done and now the owner of a fancy colorful pen! I also had some glitter on hand so I used that in one of the pens as another DIY option. If you try this version, I recommend keeping the ink in and filling the glitter in around it. 

Super quick and super easy. And down the road, if you change your mind on the color or pattern, you can easily swap it out for new one. Well, maybe not the glitter one... I can see that being a tad messy.

I thought I would also share the cover of my red binder I mentioned previously as one of my school necessities. I used some scrapbook paper and my own hand writing to make a cover that says "Mrs. Root's Student Teaching Binder: Fall 2013." The picture I included is of the husband and I shortly after entering our wedding reception. I will warn you know that you will probably see a lot of our wedding photos sneaking into my projects. That's it for now though for Made-it-Monday!

I am keeping it simple for my first Made-it-Monday but I will try to step it up a bit next pin. Maybe I will actually take on one of the millions of Pins I've pinned to my '"Future Classroom" board! Or possibly I will be inspired by another blogger today? 

P.S. The Pen DIY was even easy enough for a fuzzy critter without opposable thumbs!
Kiwi gives her lip of approval on this quick craft!!


  1. Love the pens! I have a bunch of those lying around :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. That's terrific! Love that idea, and how simple!

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