Sunday, August 11, 2013

Target, How I Love Thee

Have I mentioned yet that I love Target? I don't just mean the kind of love that makes me stop by every week. Target is literally a part of my every day life.

I should mention though that my husband works at Target so our relationship with this company is a bit more invested than most people. But honestly, even without the employee discount I would shop at Target frequently. While their prices may occasionally be a few cents more than their unnamed major competitor on similar items, the experience at Target is far superior. Plus they have the best sales, clearance prices, and dollar section! 

Since I am starting the school year off brand new, I've collected a number of teacher goodies from Target over the summer. These are some of my recent goodies:

A. Hanging 3 Pocket Storage
B. File Folders
C. 2 Packs Encouragement Stickers (random clearance price!)

D. 5 Pack Self-Inking Stamps
E. Glitter Magnetic Mailbox
F. Teacher's Lesson Plan Book
G. Glitter Letter Magnet (R for Root!)

The Self inking stamps are my favorite item! They are perfect for elementary age kiddos and I am eager to put them to use in third grade this fall!

Are you a Target fanatic as well? Or maybe you've got another favorite store you frequent? I'd love to hear where teachers are shopping for their favorite supplies!

PS Check out this awesome Erin Condren Giveaway over at The Big Apple Teacher's Blog!

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