Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Global Glitter Monthly - September

Have you heard of the newest blog on the block, Global Glitter Tribe? 12 wonderful bloggers banned together and just launched their global blog last week and they are currently hosting their very first linkup! It is a monthly linky (which is great for us sporadic bloggers who are terrible with weekly link ups!) and the topics change month to month.

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Lesson You Loved...
Right now our math unit is all about attributes and sorting. While some of my kiddos have been rock-star sorters, others are struggling. We have been doing loads of button sorting, shape sorting, and using other manipulative. The class favorite so far was our "Guess My Rule" sorting activity using my students as manipulative. I called students up in small groups based on a shared attribute (wearing a read shirt, female, shoes with laces, red hair, etc.) and my students had to guess what the common attribute was. When one little friend pointed out that I had called on another student to be in two different groups, we got to have a GREAT discussion about being able to sort the same objects differentiate ways.

One Issue I'm Passionate About...
Getting parents to read with their kids! It is so heart breaking when parents admit that they rarely read with their children or that they expect all their child's reading to occur solely at school. Every chance I get to talk with parents about their students, I bring up reading at home and stress how influential it can be on a child's learning and motivation to read. Not only does it contributes to background knowledge, increase their vocabulary and grammar skills, and increase their stamina, but they also learn to associate reading with pleasure.

Back to School Must Haves...
Vitamins. I get sick like clock work at the beginning of the school year with all the new germs from my kindergarten friends. Zarbee's immune support vitamin drink mix (much tastier than Airborne) and gummy adult vitamins by Vitafusion MultiVites are my go-tos.

Activity to Share...
This year I have a lot of little friends who came in with the mindset that they cannot read, cannot write, and cannot do math. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "but I can't do that" the first week of school, I'd have coffee money for months. We had a growth mindset discussion which did help but the littles need A LOT of support in this area. I started implementing whole group cheers before activities. We do a call and response of a growth mindset phrase like "I can try my best!" or "I can always get better, so I keep on trying!" I usually add some silly motions to go along which gets them smiling and ready to work.

Little Known Fact...
I always have and always will love the GoodWill. My husband and I frequently go just to browse and we know our local sale dates by heart. Not only do I love the fact that I get to give new life to something that might otherwise end up in a landfill, but I love the randomness of it. You never know what you will find!

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  1. Love your activity to share! Let's all learn to be more positive.