Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently: July 2015

The City. I am currently sitting on my porch writing this and listening to the summer sounds of the city. There is something calming about the mixed noises of cars, birds, the summer wind, occasional sirens (we live really close to the fire stations), and the muted sounds of our neighbors. This is a happy place of mine.

Sunshine! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, then you too have been experiencing the abnormally warm and sunny weather we've had the last two weeks. This weather is what I live for and I am soaking it all up while I can!

Planner... I am back at square one with my planning this year. I tried a mix of things last year, mostly DIY kind of things because I am scared of financial commitments over $20. Joking. But I am worried that if I invest in a pricier lesson planner, then I won't use it or it won't work for me. Someone please talk me out of my fears so I can buy an Erin Condren.

Ice coffee with vanilla and cream. Everyday, all day, all summer. Please and thank you.

Time. More accurately, I need time management. I think. I am the kind of person who feels like they need to have a million things going on at all times other wise I worry I am wasting away my day. This is the first summer since I was a sophomore in high school that I have not worked full time. Some how the extra time has suddenly thrown me off my element and I feel like I am getting nothing done. Ah!

All Star
Social Introvert. This might sounds odd but I totally embrace being a social introvert and I am so good at it. I understand that I have a weird conflicting personality but I actually love it about myself. I love the times when I want to be the center of attention and the times I want to spend all day alone. Last summer I read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking which reaffirmed some of my own thoughts and feelings about introverts and made me even more sure that I actually like who I am.

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  1. I have had similar misgivings about planners. I have bought them, filled out two pages, and then forgotten about them for the rest of the year. i can never find something that fits me. Though I'd love to be a washi-tape person with cute little notes. We are going to formatted digital plans at my school next year though- so I guess I have to give up the dream and just learn to type in my plans every day from now on.

    1. I tried using a digital planner for part of this past school year. A colleague of mine swears by planbook but it just wasn't my thing. Hope you find something that works for you as well!

  2. I found you at Farley's. Glad you get to enjoy the sunshine! Here in East Texas we sometimes have too much. Because sunshine means heat. Heat means drought. Drought means no plants. But not this year. All that rain in May fixed that. Now it's hot. Lol. As for planners I completely feel you. I had an EC and like it. But I'm more a binder person. I found one on TPT that I love. Less than $20. Totally in love with everything about it. Hope you find one that works! Take care!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

    1. I totally get you about the heat. I am thankful that we get heat here but just for a limited and not-too-hot time period! I have checked out a few downloadable ones on TpT and that might end up being the route I go once I figure out printing costs. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kayla - I urge you to take the Erin Condren plunge! I can't tell you how many planners I tried to use in the past and would totally abandon them. BUT then came Erin Condren's planner. I LOVE IT! I have already ordered mine for next year - it will be my 4th year using it. I think because I love the colors and patterns so much, I take the time to write my plans in it, grades, birthdays, assembly, info, notes from faculty meetings - you name it, it's in there. I know it's silly to get so much enjoyment out of a planner, but her planner actually got me to write down my plans, for every day, every subject, all year:)
    Are We There Yet?

  4. Thanks for stopping by for currently! I actually make planners and sell them on TPT. I'd be happy to make something in your favorite colors with what you want. Just let me know. I can't justify the cost of an EC planner and couldn't find anything else that worked for me, so I made my own. But that's fairly typical of how I behave!

    Social Introvert... I've never heard of such a thing, but I think that might TOTALLY describe me! I must read this book you mentioned and learn more. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I received my first EC planner this past Christmas. It is fun and colorful but I'm not sure I would pay my own money for one. It is kind of big and I use it almost the same way as I use my free one from Lakeshore for spending $20 at the beginning of the school year. Keep looking there is a planner out there for you! There are a lot of different people who sell planners on TPT that are editable.

    I'm an introvert too! Might need to check out the book you mentioned. Love reading your blog!