Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Currently: June 2015

I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade once again!  Check out her page for literally hundreds of other great post from bloggers!  She is also holding a fundraiser this month for some of the animals devastated by the floods in Wimberley, TX so check that out along the way.

I am so addicted to Taylor Swift's new song Bad Blood. The music video is so awesome. I don't even care if liking T-Swift makes me basic, her songs are just too good.

Actually, it's not Dibbles I love. It's my kiddos that I love because they are killing it at Non-sense Word Fluency, Letter Naming Fluency, and Phoneme Segmentation Fluency! I'm over the moon excited about the progress they have worked so hard to gain. 

I should seriously start a student quote diary. This year has been a whirlwind and some of my favorite moments have been the things my kibders say. A favorite of mine: "Toast is not a number, it's a delicious treat." ....um what? I still don't know how this came about but I love it. 

A full free day to start preparing my classroom for summer. We are getting new carpets in our school which is awesome except that my classroom is the old computer lab and has zero storage space. So that's an issue.

We have 14.5 days left of school and I keep procrastinating on finishing my end of year gifts for my kiddos. I have all the pieces, just need to get to it!

 I have two big things going on this summer. First, I will be moving my classroom into a real classroom! I have been using a makeshift classroom that was originally a computer lab. It hasn't been terrible but there were a lot of drawbacks this year. No windows, no outside door, way too tall of ceilings, crazy cold all year, and I am separated from the rest of my team.

Secondly, I will get to go back to Mexico this summer to work with a program that puts on summer camp for orphanages. At the very last second last year I got to go and hadn't been since high school (check it out here or here). I am so excited that both my husband and I will be going this year to serve and love on some kiddos who really need it. More on that to come!


  1. I love Taylor Swift, too! If that makes us basic then just add me to the club.

    I hate, hate, hate packing up the classroom! I did it last summer and we're having to do it again this year because we're getting new ceilings and heating/air. Sooooo much work! Good luck with the rest of your year-sounds like you have an awesome summer ahead of you! :)


  2. I love Taylor Swift too! Have fun in Mexico and have fun moving into a "real" classroom!
    Fun in ECSE