Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday- 6/11/14

I know some of you may be as surprised as I am to actually see a blog post on my page for the first time in ages. I’ll skip the explanation of why I have been so scarce and just say life took a few unexpected stops recently. For the moment though I am back and joining in on “What I’m Loving Wednesday” with Covered in Glitter and Glue. I have a couple things that have made my day recently and wanted to share with you all!

I know these have become a big hit this year and I am by no means the first person to do them but I just love them. I had my preschoolers stand against our playground wall (which happens to be a beautiful blue color). Then I asked each of them a series of questions about their favorite things, animal, color, song, book, ect. I asked extra because sometimes I just didn’t get an answer for one. I used PowerPoint to crop the image and add in text from their answers.

Next, Wedding season! The husband and I are still at the age where it seems like every few months another friend is announcing their engagement. Two years ago when we were planning our wedding it was extremely stressful to hear of my friends getting married because we were already engrossed in our own plans. Now with no plans of our own to stress about, I can actually enjoy the weddings. Last year I played bridesmaid all summer and this year we get things even easier because we just have to travel and show up. Which means, I get to spend time making handmade cards and wrapping presents up all pretty!

If you follow my instagram, you know that I recently got a new stapler. The PaperPro Prodigy Stapler. Now to most people this statement sounds extremely dull but to the rest of you bulletin-board-hanging, classroom-decorating, paper-work-stapling teachings out there, you can understand my excitement at a good stapler. This year I have broken 3 (yes 3!) staplers because our district insists on buying the worst stapler in the history of office supplies. So with TpT money burning a hole in my Dwolla account, I decided to get myself this gem and so happy I did. Stapling to the wall has never been so easy! And stapling papers doesn’t requirement to break my hand or get frustrated by jammed staples. The simple things really do make sure a difference.

I am still in love with the website I share with you all before called Twice. I have since then ordered three more pairs of pants and loved every single pair. It is super convenient to have the measurements all written out for me. I hate trying on pants at the stores because even when the pants are technically “in my size” they often don’t actually fit and I end up frustrated. With Twice, I just have to check the measurements and I know for certain they will fit. And being able to shop multiple brands at once it great, especially at the super discounted prices. Try it out for yourself! And don’t forget to use the referral code below, download the app on an iPhone, and download the app on an iPad for $30 store credit!!

I do not like water and I especially do not like drinking water. That happens to be an issue with the weather lately leaving me rather dehydrated. I typically have to use water flavoring packets to get myself to drink enough water. I have been through a whole variety of flavor packet types. Recently I found some I absolutely love though. Lipton makes THE BEST Tea & Honey water mix packets! I don't even like honey and I drink these down like crazy. Plus they don't have ridiculous amounts of sugar like some of those drink packets do. My favorite flavor is Peach Apricot but they have a bunch of good ones.

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