Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Little Shopping Gift For You!

Let me just say, sometimes the perfect pair of pants can be worth a whole blog post.

Jennifer over at Teaching To Inspire In 5th shared a site on her blog recently called Like Twice. If you love clothes but hate paying a ton for them (or just don't make enough to justify the costs *cough* like me *cough*) then you must check out this site. 

The online company is basically a high-end secondhand consignment store. (Why hasn't anyone thought of this before!?) They only accept certain brands and woman's clothing that is in great to excellent condition so you know you're getting something nice.

I have the hardest time finding pants because I'm tall and skinny and pants usually end up looking like high-waters on me. I also love heels which makes pants nearly impossible to get long enough. So imagine how excited I was to find a pair of adorable khaki jeans in my size on their site and for SUPER cheap!

I placed the order and within 24 hours it has shipped. It took at total of three days to get to me.

I paid $11.95 for the jeans and shipping was just $5. That means, with my store credit, they were totally FREE! Want your own store credit?? Keep reading!

Now, your turn to go shopping! If you sign up for an account using this link, you will get $10 credit to spend immediately. Then if you download the app on your iphone and ipad, you will get $10 for each. That's $30 to spend. Plus use the code MDAY15 and get 15% off through May 11th.

And just FYI: I wasn't compensated for this review. I just wanted to pass along something I loved. If you choose to use my link and end up making a purchase, I will get $10 in credits. But then you can also pass along your link and potentially get credit too!

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