Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend Wind Back Linky

My blogging buddy, Erin over at Learning to be Awesome has a great new linky to check out. If you like me at all, you take a ton of photos throughout the week thinking "This will be perfect for a blog post," but then never get around to sharing it. Well, problem solved now! 

Weekend Wind Back lets you dump all those awesome photos piling up on your camera roll. Share a lot. Share a little. Share about school or share about your personal life. It's pretty fair game. 

Keep scrolling to take a peek into my week. Then hop over to Erin's blog to read more and link up.

This was our first time in six years spending Easter at home rather than away at school. Normally after Easter service we go watch the baby cows and sheep on my university campus. Since that was a bit too far (300 miles), we settled for watching goats and chickens in a strangers yard near my parents house. 

My pre-kinders LOVE patterns. We don't get to spend much time on them since they aren't part of the Common Core but I still like to incorporate them. This week I introduced them to my new Cube Pattern Cards which were a hit. My new student was especially fond of them. 

This week we finally started seeing sun a bit more frequently. I love me some vitamin D!

I found these gems today at my local Barnes & Noble's. We don't have kids yet but I may need to snag these for our future baby WSU Cougars (or UW Husky, we'd still love them.)

Our class has had the best time this week monitoring our sprouts as they grow. We've started graphing the number of sprouts each day and it's sparked such amazing math discussions for both my high and low students. It's one of my new favorite projects for sure.

Don't forget to swing by Learning to be Awesome now!  

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  1. I'm already so jealous of the sun you guys are starting to get!! Winter is starting to set in and it's making me depressed already!! And it doesn't officially start until JUNE!!!
    Thanks SOOOOO much for linking up! I love your photos!
    Learning to be awesome