Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Sprouts! {+ a freebie}

Hey Fellow Earthlings! Have you hugged a tree today?! I recommend a Ponderosa pine, their bar smells like vanilla!

This week in our class is plant week which was a coincidence because I hadn't considered Earth Day when planning but lucky for us, it fit perfectly! To celebrate Earth Day and kick off our plant study, my kiddos and I started our own sprout houses! I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest while planning. I love that these can simply hang on the window rather than sit on a counter. I've seen plenty of plants grown in milk cartons or Dixie cups but we just don't have the counter space to store them! 

The process was fairly simple. Before hand, I cut out the center square where the plan shows. (Older kids could probably do this on their own.) The night before I soaked all the beans for 8 hours in an open container to get them ready for germination.

 Monday in class, my little learners each began by coloring their house and cutting it out along the outside boarders. 

Next, each student got a paper towel to fold and used a sponge to dampen it a bit. 

Each student then got to pick three seeds (we used beans) to place on their paper as taped to the and then fold up to go in a plastic baggy. The baggie 

Once they had their seed ready, they got two pieces of tape to secure the sides of the baggie to the house. (We made sure to leave the top zipper accessible so the plants could be watered get some air!) Then we hung them on a south facing window so they will get plenty of sunshine.

Over the next two weeks or so, we will be monitoring our little garden and collecting data. We will be graphing the number of sprouts we see each day. (Fingers crossed they don't all sprout the same day and ruin our data collection!) 

As an Earth Day treat, I am sharing the My Little Sprout House Template my class used for free on TpT! 
(Make sure to comment/rate if you download and use it!)

Check back in later to see how our sprouts are doing! 

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  1. Looks great Kayla!!
    Loving the whole garden theme you've got going on :) Can't wait to see the data collection stage.
    Learning to be awesome