Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday is So Yesterday- Five for Friday

I really can't believe how quickly these weeks just fly by. The first three weeks of my student teaching is already completed. Starting Monday I take over the entire class. Can you believe it? Because I'm not quite sure that I can process this just yet. Before I know it, I will be moving onto the second portion of my student teaching and join the resource room for eight weeks. It's a lot to process. Let's just take it a week at a time for now. So here goes my link up with Doodlebugs Teaching.
Guess what friends? I made writing folders! (Sorry I don't have pictures up just yet. I'm having camera problems but will get them up as soon as possible. *looks like it will be Monday*) I wanted to share these earlier this week but things got delayed. To be honest, what happened is that I could not find paper 2-pocket folders anywhere and became frustrated that all the school supplies were sold out everywhere. *Note to self: stock up on school supplies when they are on sale.*

Anywho, eventually I got the supplies I was looking for:
27 plastic 2-pocket prong folders
27 paper 2-pocket folders
Pack of sheet protectors

Last week I blog-stalked a bunch of people to check out how they go about creating and using their writing folders. My final creation was a bit of a mix ideas. I loved the ones that Mrs. Lirette's made over at Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives by folding a paper folder inside out and inserting them into a pronged folder. I used an adapted version of this but decided to use plastic folders on the outside (partially because Target had so many on clearance and partially because they are more durable.)

The labels I created using the free font KBTheSilentNight which you can get here (it is my favorite free font, I’m obsessed.) I also used graphics from Scappin’ Doodles (I saw them on other products on TPT and had to tract them down. They are too stinkin’ cute so I know why they are so popular). On the inside I used two pages from Rome's Readers' Writing Folder Kit found at their TPT store for free here. I love the Word Wall and Work on Writing Page.

Since writing folders are new to my third graders, I also created giant magnetic versions of the pocket labels. I place them on the write board to help students identify where to place papers when they are done. So far it’s been helpful and easy.

My second tidbit is not as fun. Today our class said goodbye to one of our kiddos who is leaving Washington State and moving to Alaska. It may only be the end of the third week but I have already bonded with many of my kiddos and saying good bye stinks. The worst part was that we didn't really get good notice. First he was moving, then he wasn't, then they were but not out of state, and then on Wednesday he said they were leaving Saturday.

So this morning during our late start Friday times, I whipped up a quick farewell card to have the rest of the kiddos sign. At the end of the day we also dedicated a bit of our end of the week class meeting time to complimenting the student who is moving (typically we do a free for all compliment time.) It is touching to know how thoughtful and sincere my kiddos can be. They made me proud. Leaving them in October is not going to be easy.

Tidbit number three is all about the Color Run. I am so eager for tomorrow but not nearly as prepared as I wanted to be. The beginning of the year sickness I had kind of killed my workout routine since I could barely walk without gasping for air. I am (nearly) all healthy now but definitely moving a bit slower on my runs.

You can expect a boatload of photos though after tomorrow. Expect to see me in a tutu. It’s happening.

Tidbit number four, check out my writing wall! It is still kind of in the works but I like it so far. In the coming weeks we will be filling the colored paper with some of our super star's work. There are more on the adjacent wall and a sign that says "Star Quality Work". You may recognize my giant pencil I gave a sneak peak at previously. I am in love with it and the kids are pretty fond too. They love it when I pull off the different pieces that are held on by velcro.

Student teaching costs money. Tuition isn't cheap. I'm sure none of this is news to anyone though. To help alleviate the financial burden though, I have been moonlighting with the district. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays I work evenings at our districts stadium as a ticket seller. It's surprising how much I actually enjoy this job. Aside from the occasional grumpy customer, I enjoy meeting staff and students from all over the district. Plus it's nice to be up-to-date on the sports teams.

Well, with that all said, I am off to sell tickets at tonight's football game! Happy weekend everyone!

PS I will hopefully get the pictures of my folders up soon later this evening when I get home from work. If you are curious to see how they turned out, check back tonight or tomorrow Monday!


  1. I just found your blog through the linky. I am a new third grade teacher. Looking forward to following your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I'm always happy to make a connection with another teacher. Hopefully we can learn some things from each other as we both start out!

  2. I also found your blog through the linky. I've been teaching third grade for a while. You will love it. I don't think I'm ever prepared for my runs. You will do great.

    Third Grade Galore

    1. Jeanette,
      Good to know that it isn't just me. Turns out I was more prepared than I thought. It was a blast! Now to pick out my next one!