Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Step-Teacher

Today our kiddos met our new school counselor. Luckily it was perfect timing because we are currently reading There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom by Louis Sachar. If you have read this book you know that it is all about the school counselor and how he helps out two fifth grade boys. We were just introduced to the character of the new counselor yesterday so meeting our real live counselor at school got some good discussions going with these kiddos. The best part however was when one of our kiddos bestowed a nickname upon me. It when like this.

Counselor: “Who are the people in the school you can got to when you have problems or need someone to talk to?”

Students: “The Principal,” “The recess teachers,” “

Counselors: “Those are all great answers and all correct!”

Student J: “What about our Step-Teacher?”

Counselors: “Who?”

Student J: “Mrs. Root. Like she’s not our actual teacher but she is still in our class and teaches us stuff.”
That’s me. The Step-Teacher, teaching kids stuff. It’s what I do.

PS. If you love Target like I do, then make sure to check out their "" area. All the black star items are fifty percent off! Most of their cute school items are black star so they are super cheep. I picked up a number of items just to have in my toolbox of goodies as well as some I am already incorporating in my class. I love this set of 3 anti-bullying posters. I stuck them up in the classroom today and we'll be using them as we begin our that unit in the next week or so.

I also got some fun boarders. Who can ever have enough boarders? I am loving the diagonal ones. Keeping those for the future classroom for sure. The star ones would be a great addition to my cooperating teachers star themed classroom. These writing whiteboards were also only fifty cents a piece. I haven't decided whether to use them for cursive practice or hold on for my future classroom. Either way, I couldn't pass up a good deal especially at my favorite store.

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