Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homecoming Win Freebie

And the Vandals win!

Today was the University of Idaho's homecoming football game. We were paired against the Temple Owls from Temple University in Philadelphia. Like our own football team, temple owls have yet to have a win this season. It was basically a game pitting two underdogs against each other. Sounds like a blast right? Knowing that it wouldn't be much of a game made it a little easier to not be upset about missing my first homecoming game in five years.

Sadly, the Vandal football team has been on a steady decline since our Humanitarian Bowl game in 2008. At the end of last season thecoach, Robb Akey was relieved of his position because of such poor win-loss records. It kinda stunk because personality wise, he was a great coach and loved on campus. (Check out these shirts I made of a quote of his a few years ago "You're gonna love it!"). The losing streak this season has not made things much easier for us Vandals fans.

To celebrate this minor yet still very exciting win, I thought I'd share a writing freebie I created recently. I used some old writing prompts my mentor teacher had to create some quick writing activities. The third graders love these because I have a bunch of random themes, some of which I made up based on their interests. The one I am sharing today it monster themed. Seemed appropriate with Halloween coming up. Click {Here} or on the images below to get to the Google doc. Enjoy! And Go Silver and Gold!


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