Saturday, July 20, 2013

Count Down to a New Chapter

In roughly one month, I will be joining hoards of kiddos who are headed back to school. For the first time though, I wont be returning as just a student. The end of August will mark the start to my two part semester student teaching in a third grade and then special education classroom!

I am excited to meet my students and mentor teachers. I have actually worked in my district for five years now, since my senior year of high school. I am extra excited about the school I will be joining because it is the elementary school my husband went to as a kiddo! I have been counting down the semesters until student teaching and it is hard to believe it is nearly here! Admittedly, I still have some mixed emotions though of nervousness, excitement, and anxiousness.

My biggest anxiety comes from not knowing how I feel about the third grade. As an Early Childhood major, third grade is the cut off of my age range and my experience with them is limited. There were some last minute changes to my placement so I was moved to a completely new school and swapped grades from first to third. 

Between now and the start of the school year, I still have my summer internship to finish at an Early Intervention center and a million little tasks to complete. Not to mention that the husband and I still need to retrieve half our belongings from a storage unit on the other side of the state.... Anyways, the days are numbered and student teaching is fast approaching!  We'll see what comes my ways.

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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. As you start to network with other blogging teachers, it will be important to change your no-reply blogger status. That way you can email back and forth when and not make it so public :) Here are a few tutorials on how to change that:

    Here is how to turn off the word verification thing, which can be annoying to people trying to comment on your blog ;)

    Good luck with your student teaching!!

    Fifth in the Middle