About Me

Hello, friends! My name is Kayla Root. This blog began shortly before the start of my student teaching experience in Fall of 2014. I student taught in both a third grade classroom and a resource room at the same school.

In January 2013 I married my best friend and high school sweetheart, Stephen. In May 2014 I finished my final semester of college classes at the University of Idaho and in December 2014 I finished student teaching. After a while subbing and then a short term position as an integrated preschool teacher, I took a position as a full day kindergarten teacher at the elementary school my husband attended.

In my spare time, the husband and I enjoy mini golfing, cooking, shopping at Target, and playing card/board games. My likes include Starbucks, scrapbooking, Thai Food, DIY projects, writing, and sparkly things. The husband and I are parents to two adorable guinea pigs, Kiwi and Coconut.

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  1. Hi Kayla! I found your blog through Sunny Day's Linky! Good luck starting in the field of education! It is definitely exciting! I am your newest follower!

    Kate :)
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