My Classroom

During the 2014-2015 school year, my classroom was housed in our school's computer lab. It lacked  a sink or window, but I did enjoy my vaulted ceiling classroom. Here is glimps into my classroom. Check back in fall 2015 to see my NEW classroom after I switch rooms!

Our display wall for work.

 Creative decorating to hide some unwanted technology.

Small group table

 Classroom library and book boxes.

Dr. Seuss quote and our morning meeting/carpet area. 

Front whiteboard/projector screen area.

View from the hall

My teacher desk


  1. Dear Kayla,
    That's my daughter's name:). I saw on your page that there was a classroom door that looked like a piece of writing paper. What did you use to create the lines? Was it ribbon? Tape? I have been thinking about doing something similar to my writing bulletin board. Please help.