My Classroom

Welcome to my chalkboard and bright rainbow classroom!

This is where our whole group lessons take place. This year I opted for sit spots rather than a carpet. The first few weeks I was worried I had made a huge mistake because my kindergartners could not keep their little hands off of their spots. Now that the novelty has worn off, I am very happy with my choice.
*New Photo Coming*
I keep my calendar area fairly simple because our district doesn't allow much time for it in our schedule.
 This year I updated my alphabet wall to include sign language.
 These are the signals we use in class for discussions and needs.

This is the system I am using this year for students to check in for attendance and lunch count. The smaller board is for students to check out when they go to group, the nurse, or the restroom. I got the idea from another kindergarten teacher at my school.

I offer a variety of flexible seating in my classroom including scoop chairs, stability balls, wiggle stools, standard chairs, floor pillows at our low table, standing desks, and wiggle cushions.

I am lucky to teach in a district that incorporates free choice play into our daily schedule. Our kitchen and sensory table are always favorites. This was our October sensory table; deer corn, pumpkins, squash, maize, and spiders.

I love a cheerful, inviting classroom library and this year I am especially in love with ours. This summer I put together a cute little reading/storage bench with cushion and it's been a hit with my students.

These book bin labels were on my to-do list for well over a year but now that they are done, they make me so happy.


  1. Dear Kayla,
    That's my daughter's name:). I saw on your page that there was a classroom door that looked like a piece of writing paper. What did you use to create the lines? Was it ribbon? Tape? I have been thinking about doing something similar to my writing bulletin board. Please help.