Monday, December 7, 2015

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

It is that time of year again for my favorite themed unit: Gingerbread Man! This year is even more special because my class is participating in a Gingerbread Man Exchange hosted by PAWSitively Teaching! Check back soon for pictures and updates.

These pictures are from my class last year during our gingerbread man fun. By far, the favorite was our Giant Gingerbread Man! The kids loved it! Students had to measure the gingerbread man with marshmallows and then measure themselves compared to the gingerbread man. They then documented everything on their recording sheets.
I differentiated by giving some of my advance kids a set of candy canes as well and having them comparing the two measurements and explain why one took more or less. 
Here we are getting a little messy with some gingerbread man decorating! I used glue, shaving creme, and peppermint extract to create the perfect "frosting" for our gingerbread friends. The kids loved the way it dried puffy and still smelled delicious! 

During clean up we had some classic shaving-cream-on-the-desk fun!
I got this awesome writing activity freebie from Lori over at Teaching with Love and Laughter. Prior to writing, we reviewed some of the characters from our book today and practiced our strategies for sounding out the words. I also snuck in some of our sight words to give us some extra practice.

I have to say, it made me laugh that a few wrote that the Gingerbread Man ran from Mrs. Root!

My pocket chart activity last year was a big hit and I'll be bringing it back this week again. The kids thought calling themselves gingerbread people was completely hilarious. We'll also be adding this one to our poetry journals. 
And last but not least, some of my favorite Gingerbread books to read during December:
(Click on the covers to buy your own copy from Amazon.)

 This year I am also including some less familiar gingerbread type stories.

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