Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Currently (November)

A few days late but at least I remembered this month!

Listening: To Big Bang Theory
I have to be honest that I'm not totally in love with the season. But that doesn't stop me from watching it online every week.

Loving: The Sweaters
A good sweater is like a friendly blanket all day long. After last winter I cleared my closet of most of my sweaters and winter wear, most of which have been purchased before or at the beginning of college. In an effort to dress more like an adult (what does that even mean?) I've been rebuilding my wardrobe since graduation last December. Sweaters have been by far the most fun to shop for! The colors, the fabric, the coziness, all so wonderful.

Thinking: "Just make it to the 4 day weekend"
Our district has next Monday and Tuesday off. I am so incredibly stoked for the four-day weekend. Although, I am torn between vegging out for four days straight or getting ahead in planning and report cards. At this point it's a tossup as to which will win.

Wanting: A Color Printer
I am in the market for a laser jet printer. We have no color ink printers at our school and it is killing me. It feels like such a shame printing all these pretty products in grayscale.

Needing: Space
Living in a one bedroom apartment is not ideal. The husband and I are cramped and crammed. We've finally begun tossing around the idea of buying our first place. We're still a year out from when we plan to get a place but it's nice to dream and plan (and pin!)

Reading: Daily 5 Second Edition 
Fun fact, The Sisters lived and worked in the school district I grew up in. I went to school with the daughters of one of the sisters. This is my first time reading their book and so far I am totally into it. Updates to come. 

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  1. Hi Kayla,

    I love sweaters too and can't wait to for it to get a little bit colder so that I can enjoy wearing fall clothes. When I read your listening to Big Bang Theory...I was thinking, OMG, is an new episode on today...I watch it mostly because of my husband, but I do like watching 'Amy,' she is so funny! You have 2 more days till your 4 day weekend, you can do it!;)

    Mrs. Solis Teaching Treasures

  2. I just bought an hp Laser Jet Printer and I am in LOVE! It's model number 200. You should definitely check it out! And I totally hear you on making it to the weekend, I struggle each day...LOL!

  3. I just got a color printer as well and I am so happy with it! I got my products in color that I want which makes them so much more meaningful to my students! Great to read your blog!