Saturday, September 6, 2014

My First Ever Classroom Tour

Well the school year has kicked off and my little kinders have been a hoot so far. I am happy that they seem to love our room as much as I do. I will admit that my room is only about 88% of the way ready for the year but it is what it is. So far I am in love with how it has turned out and as soon as the finishing touches are in place I'll give another tour but for now, here we go....

First to give you a little idea of what I was working with, here are the before pictures. 

And here it is now! 
First, my horseshoe table where I will meet with small groups. I know I shared them before but I am in love with my DIY crate seats. The fabric is not only incredibly soft but sure adorable.

The back corner is our carpet area now. I got the idea for the giant Dr. Seuss quote from Lyndsy over at A Year of Many Firsts. I desperately wanted to fill my giant blank wall with something attractive and this quote went great with the truffula trees I already had. The tree's were inspired by Emily over Tangled with Teaching, you've probably seen them all over pinterest.

This is out little library. Don't look too closely or you'll notice my books have yet to be leveled. Shhhh. Don't tell on me. These cabinets are my only storage space aside from the cabinets behind my desk. I'm hoping to find some cute and reasonably priced containers to go above these for additional storage. 

Yes you do see that right, there are three tables at the front. Since I was hired to late, I missed the chance to send unwanted furniture to surplus so I am stuck with them for now. The blank bulletin board will eventually be our daily learning objectives spot.

View from the door. Excuse the chairs on desks, It was late Friday afternoon and I didn't think to take them down for the photo. The carpet up front was a carpet I originally had in my college door, then in our first apartment. I pulled it out of storage and spray paintinged it for my room. 

My desk space and the rest of my meager storage. I should note that after I took this, they finally gave me a new laptop and monitor set up. The laptop here was a loner.

Our "cubbies" and display area for work. I used a clothespin idea I saw on pinterest. 

Yes there are two more unwanted tables. 

I’d love to share more detailed pictures in a future post. I now also realize there are no pictures of 1/3 of the room where our computers are so I'll share more later. 


  1. I love your room! Also I love the way you spray painted the carpet, so cool! I had a few unwanted tables too this year, and now I'm going to storage for chairs. I swear I'm never happy! Have fun and good luck with your new year!