Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Winner, Sale, and Overwhelmed

Here is the winning guess from my mystery pictures last Tuesday:
"I'm going to guess that you have a new job in a new school with a new classroom to set up and get organized. I'm going to guess it's a kindergarten class because I don't see any desks. Either way, it looks like you have your work cut out for you!"
- Susan K.

Talk about a spot on guess! Susan will have a TpT gift card in her email later today. 

Last week I was offered and accepted a new teaching position!! I will be going back to the school I did my student teaching at, now as a kindergarten teacher!

So YES! New School, New Classroom (in need of serious organization), and Welcome to Kindergarten! 

Granted, there were some mixed emotions from accepting this position. Even though I only spent three months at my old school, I really loved it and the people there. But my return was not guaranteed because I was only a short term contract and the position wasn't necessarily available (loooong story). 

There will be more information on this story as it developes! (I couldn't resist!)

In the mean time, don't miss today's one day sale over at TpT!! My store is set to 20% off which adds up to 28% when you use the TpT promo code: BOOST.

Happy shopping!