Sunday, January 12, 2014

National Popcorn Day: TPT Products and a Freebie

I don't know about you but I love freshly popped popcorn, especially with a generous amount of butter and a few too many shakes of salt. I know, not the healthiest version of popcorn. I also happen to be a sucker for random holidays, which makes National Popcorn Day perfect!

Although it's uncertain where I'll be at around the 19th of January, I wanted to celebrate anyways with some fun activities. Follow the green font for links to each activity.
(Psst. The freebie is at the end of the post!)

For Younger Grades

Popcorn Capital and Lowercase Letter Match
First is a letter matching center-based activity. Students pick a “popcorn bowl” with a capital letter and then find the missing "piece of popcorn" with the matching lowercase letter. This activity does require ample set up time to cut out pieces but if laminated could be used over-and-over to save time later.

The second activity for the younger grades is a Dot the Letter activity with a Popcorn Theme. Fairly simple, each work sheet focuses on a different letter. Perfect for kids developing their fine motor skills in kinder and pre-k, or to reinforce letter recognition in first and second grade. They are made for use with dot markers but could also be used with stickers, finger paint, crayons or other manipulative.

Side Note: A para-educator I worked with during student teaching game me my first set of Dot Markers as a graduation gift. I was eager to use them so I thought these work sheets would be a great test. 

For Middle Grades

Popcorn Themed Making Words Activity
I just could not come up with a better name for this one. There are three worksheets of different levels. The three adorable worksheets each have a popcorn related phrase. Students have to generate as many words using the letters in the phrase as they can. This could be done individually or in pairs depending on the age. I've included answer sheets with about fifty possible answers for each phrase.

(I'm super creative with these titles! Ha!) I created a spin off of a writing activity that I've seen on pinterest a few times now. Each student picks out one piece of yellow “popcorn” with a character and one piece of white “popcorn” with a setting and then uses those prompts to write a short story for a given length of time. I have included 36 character prompts and 36 setting prompts as well as three different writing papers for various levels.  

Popcorn Freebie
 Check here on my TPT store for the popcorn themed word search freebie below!

If you plant to do these or any other popcorn related activities, I recommend checking your local Dollar Tree for these cute pop tubs! For just a buck they are a cute novelty to add to the popcorn fun.

Looking for other ways to celebrate National Popcorn Day? Here are a few suggestions:
Free popcorn themed Coloring Pages Here
Have students write a popcorn acrostic poem
String popcorn to decorate the classroom
Fill a tub with popcorn and have students estimate the number of kernels

Also these other TPT Popcorn themed freebies:
Popcorn Number Identification 1-100
Popcorn Words! A Sight Word Game {Freebie}
Popcorn, Popcorn Letter/Number/Shape/Color game
1st Grade Popcorn story problems

Popcorn Children's Books:
Popcorn! (Charlesbridge)
Popcorn: A Frank Asch Bear Story
The Popcorn Book

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