Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fun and Family for 2014

Today, I'm joining up with Blog Hoppin'. Day 1 is all about Fun and Family goals for 2014. Currently (and likely for the next few years) my family is just me and the Mr. Kids are in our future but right now I love our little family of two. We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary on Saturday.

Goal #1 : Find ourselves a place to call home.

Our living situation right now is not ideal. Student teaching was pricey and although husband was working and I worked nights, most our income went to my tuition and bills. We've spent the last few months living with my parents and 12-year-old sister. It's been stressful... weird... interesting... not ideal. Love my family and greatly appreciate saving on rent but a place our own is priority number 1.
 (Job, Shmob. I can pay rent with crafts right?)

Goal #2: Spend more time with the two most precious girls on the planet. 

I've joked with my husband that half the reason I wanted to marry him was just so that I could call these two cuties my nieces. Stephen and I started dating just before his oldest niece was born so I have known these two their entire lives and I am so happy to be their Aunt now. They live in the norther part of the state and we do not get to see them nearly as often as I wish we would. 

I honestly can't help smiling just thinking about these two. Not only are they the sweetest things since sugar, the youngest is also a non-stop, firecracker and the oldest is a kindhearted, patient, young adult trapped in a six-year-old body. Such a crazy duo. They were best flower-girls ever at our wedding. Oh the stories I could tell!

Goal #3: Visit the top of the Space Needle, don't just take photos of it!
I was born in Seattle and yet have still never been to the top of the Needle. Truly a shame. We keep "saving" it for some sort of occasion with the intent of eating at the restaurant and making it a big deal but really we just need to go, dinner or not!

Hopefully you've got some of your own goals for this new year to squeeze in a little fun with the family! It's not too late to join in on the five day linky yourself. Feel free to hop over to Blog Hoppin' and share in the fun!

See you tomorrow for goals about crafting and creating!

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