Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thirteen in '13

I am joining up with Kristin, Hadar, and Traci, for their 3rd annual Linky Party!

I am picking a whole outfit I loved. My sparkly fox sweater was a huge hit with the kids and who doesn't love gold shoes or a gold skirt?

I've been compared to Lucy. 
Red hair, freckles, perky, and a little crazy. 
I don't see the resemblance. ;)

So many good ones! 

Since moving back home, happy hour at Applebee's is our new spot! 

Does blogging count as a new thing? 
I was also introduced to TPT this year which was pretty huge! It's given me a ton of things to try out. 

I am absolutely loving the gift basket of books that my student teaching classroom gave to me last week. I am a book nerd! 

Oh man. Sooo many pins. I'll keep this as brief as possible and only include a few categories. 
Pin for Clothes:
(This is actually me and my sweatshirt I made.)

Pin for Classroom:

Pin for Food:

Pin for Home:
(I desperately want to attempt this for our next place.) 

I did a post in Mid-November that I titled Helpful Hints from a Novice Teacher. It seemed to be a pretty helpful post for some people and I loved that it sparked some good e-mail correspondence. 

Best? Do I have to pick one?

I don't like rules so I'm sharing multiple accomplishments. 
I started the year off with a life changer, getting married January 4, 2013 (1 year anniversary is coming up!). Our wedding really was a big accomplishment. Hubby and I planned our wedding from 300 miles away while finishing college. 

Of course most of you know my most recent accomplishment. I finished my student teaching as of  Dec 20, 2013! That means I am a college grad now folks! 

Really hard to pic a favorite after so many big events this year! Here is one that a friend took on her cell phones at our wedding during our first dance.

I'm breaking the rules again and sharing this photo as well. There is so much to love about it. My crazy husband doing his crazy thing. My full blow laugh. My grandpa cracking up in the background. Surrounded by family and friends. 

I loved so much of my student teaching, but I have to be honest that my wedding trumps those memories. My favorite memory of the entire year was holding my husbands hand as he read his vows to me.

Get a full time teaching job! Or part time. Or, you know, a job. 


  1. Loved reading, thanks for sharing!!


  2. Double congratulations and I hope you get a job soon!
    TGIF-Third Grade Is Fun

  3. Such a fun read - you had an eventful 2013! I'm sure you're excited to think about what might await you in 2014 as well! Beautiful photos, too... and I totally think blogging counts as a favorite new thing you tried!! Best wishes for your Christmas,
    Crafting Connections