Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday {And A Washi Freebie}

We have once again reached the weekend my friends! My post is coming a little late in the day because my time has been taken up house-sitting and watching my three cousins (15, 13, and 12) while my aunt and uncle are in San Fransisco for the Seahawks game. Teenage boys are a lot more high maintainable than I thought, especially since none of them can drive! 

Anyways, I can hardly believe that in two weeks from now I will have completed my student teaching!!!! (Yes it required 4 exclamation points!) I wish I could share exciting news about my new classroom but alas, nothing new to share yet. For now, I am linking up with for Five for Friday on this chilly Friday.

This week my little blog reached 50 followers! I am so happy to welcome new followers and look forward to getting to interact and share with you. I cannot say enough how glad I am to have joined the blogging world the last few months. I have learned so much and been inspired by many of the bloggers I follower. 

I had to share with all of you my newest graphic creation. Inspired by my sorority, Delta Zeta, I created a set of pink and green digital washi tape. 

This was my first time experimenting with opacity and I love how it turned out. I reduced the opacity just enough so that photos peek through just like real washi tape. They can be rotated and flipped to work with any photo. I used this photo from last winter of me and my beautiful nieces to give you an idea of how they are used. 

I expect to have a few more sets of washi tape completed over the next week or so (maybe some holiday inspired tape?) but you wonderful followers can get this set for free for a limited time HERE in my TPT store. After the weekend they will be $1 so make sure to leave feedback before Monday! 

If you have any requests for a particular color or theme of washi tape, I would love to give it a try! 
Not all of my TPT products are going to be graphics and digital paper, I promise, but I will admit I am developing an addiction! It is just so much fun making the graphics. I've got a list of actual resource piling up but I need to inspect them for copyright and create covers before I can upload them. I'll get around to them at some point!

I am so loving my red and white chevron scarf. it was one of three items I won from Jamie over at Teaching Tidbits and More during her recent giveaway. It is such a cute winter accessory and I've gotten tons of compliments wearing it today. I also have to mention how much I love her digital holiday paper. There is even a pattern that matched the scarf!

With out current living situations, the husband and I are pretty tight on space and a full blown Christmas tree was just not an option. So in the spur of the moment one night, I decided recreate a space saving Christmas tree I saw on Pinterest. 

Husband was still at work and I think I'd sniffed too many fumes from my holiday scented Bath and Body Works candles....

 I took a pair of choppers to the tree out back and came up with this. The branches were much to thin to get the effect I was going for but I still sort of like it.  I wouldn't exactly call it a Pinterest fail but it didn't quite turn out how I planned either. 

Check here to see the pin that inspired this creation.

Well I would love to come up with a fifth item but I have three teenage boys to wrangle. I was given permission to bring down the teacher hammer on them and squash their bad homework habits. Goody!


  1. Yay for reaching a milestone! I'm two away from 100 so I'm right there with ya on the excitement front. I love all your creations so far! That digital washi tape looks amazing! As does your tree :)

    learning to be awesome

  2. I had to type my comment over because I had three typos {I don't know what happened} - let's try again. Thanks so much for the shout out!!! You look super fab in that scarf. I am glad to see that you are wearing it!


  3. Two things - first, your washi tape looks GREAT! I'm heading over to TpT next to download it! :)
    Second, I absolutely LOVE your "tree"!! That seriously looks incredible - totally Pinterest worthy in my opinion!! You can come over to my house anytime to decorate! :)
    Crafting Connections