Monday, November 25, 2013

Ten Things to Be Thankful For

I have yet to get in on any of the Thanksgiving themed post this month and I am nearly out of time! To make up for that, I am linking up with Bex over at Reading and Writing Redhead for her Time to Be Thankful linky. So here are ten things that I am Thankful for at the moment.

1. The husband. Was that a complete given? Oh well, I thought I would mention how much I like that guy. 

2. Scarves, boots, and sweaters. I may dislike hate the cold, but I am all about winter fashion. I am rather proud of my fashionable collection I've gathered the last few years and love pulling it out this time of year.

3. Arts, crafts and all things glittery. As you know, I started my own TPT store recently, some of the first things I uploaded were my digital papers and clip art. Now that they are up though, I have had the urge to design more graphics. I really enjoy it, which shouldn't be so surprising since I have always loved art but digital art is kind of a new found love for me. (PS Click the image to snag some freebies! Feel free to check out some of my graphics as well which are only on sale till Midnight Tuesday!)


4. Passing the video portion of the TPA! I got my score last week and passed the video portion of the TPA that I had to send in! Such a big releife because I am worrier.

5. Both side of our crazy family. Oh, family.

6. Great parents and PTA members. I really got lucky with some of the parents I get to interact with during my student teaching. So many sweet and involved (but not over-involved) parents.

7. Holiday drinks at Starbucks. I love a giant white chocolate peppermint mocha with whip. Doesn't even matter the time of day, always good. And there is just something special about those red cups!

8. Our two squeaky guinea babies. I love our little guinea pigs so stinking much. We would love to have other pets as well if we could but for now these to affectionate critters are perfect!

9. Randomness. I am more than willing to admit that my husband and I are odd balls and randomness is a personality trait we share. Speaking of, check out my cool glow-in-the-dark skeleton pointer! Talk about student motivation! They loved it almost as much as me. I don't care what time of year it is, I love skeletons and anything glow-in-the-dark!

10. Not having to drive over any mountain passes for the holidays this year! Usually this time of year we are fighting the whether to plan our drive from Eastern Washington to Western Washington but since we are no longer in college, we are already in Western Washington. No long, scary, snowy drives for us!

11. (Nope, I didn't miss counted, just needed to add more.) I am also thankful for giveaways! Seriously, I had no idea coming into blogging that there would always be all these amazing giveaways all the time. If you enjoy a great giveaway, make sure to check out Jamie's Huge Huge Christmas Giveaway over at Teaching Tidbits and More. Her prizes! Oh man am I excited. Fingers crossed for that Vera Bradley!

Well that is all I've got for now! Sorry I've been absent lately, lots going on and what not. 


  1. I love that pointer!! haha super cute! What programme do you use to make your digital paper? It looks awesome!! I think I need to go and get acquainted with your store :p

    The E-Z Class/Learning to be awesome"

    1. I just use Microsoft PowerPoint! I'm sure there are more effective programs but that one works best for me.