Monday, November 11, 2013

My Veterans

Here I sit, morning errands all completed and no school planning to take care of. Just me and my laptop ready to post something great. I've got about ten ideas for topics and linkies to join but each post I start seems a little on the lame side.

To save my brain the exhaustion of completing any of those particular blog posts today, I am keeping it short and simple. (Besides, who needs blog stress on a day off? Am I right?) In honor of Veterans Day I wanted to share a little of my personal connection to this holiday.The Navy and military have been a big huge part of my life since before I was born. This is my dad in the day he got his Dolphins back in 1990 shortly after I was born. 

He is my dad on his last tour in Afganistan. He actually just returned home in September. His last deployment was especially hard for our family because he had to miss my wedding in January and mine and my husband's college graduation in May. 

Even across the globe though he got to be a part of the planning for the wedding (he was more into the wedding planning than my mom!). In honor of him, I had a piece of his uniform sewn on the back of my wedding dress in the shape of a heart. Since he wasn't able to walk me down the aisle, my younger brother filled in. He too is in the Navy, currently serving in Japan. 

Although they are both considered active duty, and not technically veterans right now, I am still especially thankful for them today. And thank you as well to all veterans who, under one circumstance or another, came to be in the military and served our country. From experience, I know that a military life is not always rewarding and can often put a strain on families so I am grateful for those who willing chose to serve proudly. 

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  1. Oh that's so sad that your Dad missed your wedding AND graduation. My Dad was in Afghanistan with the NZ Police when my sister was diagnosed with cancer, but once he was home he didn't have to go back again - so that was easier on us.
    Bless them!!!
    The E-Z Class - Learning to be Awesome