Sunday, November 3, 2013

{Belated} Currently

So I am a little behind getting this post up because of our trip across state this weekend.

Listening- The hubby and I are currently driving back from Pullman, Washington as I write so we are listening to the Seahawks game on the radio. They just went into overtime. We'll see what happens... Seahawks won! Happy husband!

Loving- The teachers at the school I'm student teaching at have been so great to me! Not only have many of them opened their classroom up to have me guest teacher and observer, but they've also given me tons of great resources for my future classroom. I've been getting all sorts of classroom decorations, school supplies, books, and materials from teachers all over our building. I've even gotten a small collection of big books that I am so excited about! A lot of it is brand new materials and a chunk of it is from teachers who are still in their first few years of teaching as well and know what it's like starting out.  I'm so thankful to have a supportive group of teachers to work with.

Thinking- I am finally getting close to being an official college grad and certified teacher. I got the last of my financial things under control on Friday, took my final Praxis on Saturday, and Sunday I submitted my TPA videos. Time to start seriously applying for positions I guess. Eeek!

Wanting- I keep seeing all these cute uses for washi tape but have yet to buy my own. I really want to get some but the rolls seem expensive for how tiny they are. I like to bye products that I can use for a while and get my money's worth out of and I'm undecided on washi tape. I've got my fingers crossed that I stumble upon some clearance washi tape at Target so I can give it a try.

Needing- Our little family of two (four including our two guinea pigs) is going to be facing some big changes here soon. We are desperately needing our own place and a change of scene. First year of married life is not meant to be spent living with your parents. Why is student teaching so darn pricey?

Yummy Pins- I have two that I have to share. The first is a baked peach pin that I tried out last week. My photo doesn't make it look very appetizing but trust me it is super yummy and way easy! Check it out HERE.

The second one was one of my first pins back in the day and has become a holiday staple for us. I've never been much a of pie maker, mostly because I don't particularly like pie. But these mini apple pies are just the perfect serving size. Plus they are adorable! Find them HERE!


  1. Oh all the best with the whole process of applying for your first job!! I remember those days - and it can be REALLY hard. Try not to get discouraged, and hopefully you will be snapped up in a jiffy!!!

    PS those peaches look amazing - I can't wait for summer to give them a go!!!!!
    The E-Z Class

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I know applying mid-school year is going to be at my disadvantage but I'm hoping for the best.

  2. I am glad I am not the only one late to get to Currently - life sure can get crazy some times! Lots of luck and good wishes headed your way that you find a great position soon!

    1. I feel like I am always late on the Currently! The beginning of the month just sneaks up on me.

  3. Target clearance is, as you said, a good place to find washi tape. I also look for deals on things like or Groupon -- sometimes I get lucky and they're running a special, so I snatch up enough to hold me over until I can find another deal. :)

    Best of luck on your job hunt!

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

    1. I saw a couple rolls once but wasn't super excited about the pattern. Now I kind of wish I'd bought it just to experiment with. I am definitely going to check out and Groupon though. Thanks for the tip!