Friday, August 16, 2013

Five For Friday First

 Looky here! I am starting to feel like a real blogger now, I am even joining in on my second weekly linky party! Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.

I wish my five items were a bit more education related but I'm still two weeks away from the start of school and with limited work to do. Don't worry though, I'm not complaining because I know I will be missing my spare time once school kicks off.

This week I wrote my introduction letter to my class! I wanted a little something to help the kiddos get to know me and understand what my role is in their classroom. I read a lot of "Meet the Teacher" letters to try to get an idea about what to say. I am so super excited with how it turned out and my mentor teacher was equally pleased.

The letter to the parents is taking a little longer to write but I will soon have that done as well. Can't believe that “Meet the Teacher” night is only two weeks away. I can’t wait to meet the kiddos that I’ll be spending the semester with!

Tomorrow morning I am making my way to our local Staple's for their exclusive event for teachers. They are giving out free shopping totes plus 20% back in Staples Rewards on everything you can fit in the tote. I've been eager to pick up a few more items before school starts and this is the perfect excuse. Plus, fingers crossed that I with one of the $25 Staples gift cards.

I just completed my third week of training for The Color Run 5K and pretty darn proud of it! I won't lie, I consider quieting pretty much every other day but somehow I've convinced myself to stick with it. I do not have the best record with exercise since graduating high school so making it through three weeks is pretty big for me. Unfortunately, I am a bit of an amature at running though and starting to think I might need to invest in a better pair of running shoes, probably the least exciting shoe shopping I will ever do. But it's all for the color

I have been trying my hand at making some images! These three are part of what I call my Cutesy School Supply collection. There are eight all together but they aren’t finished just yet. I was thinking of doing a giveaway of the collection once they are ready. Maybe? Or maybe a freebie as my first item on TPT?  Either way, I am happy with how these are turning out. What do you think?

My mother-in-law (also a school district employee) surprised me with this adorable book after I saw it on another blog. How Not to Start Third Grade by Cathy Hapka and Ellen Titlebaum. I am planning on sharing it with the class on the first day of school when I introduce myself. She also got my nieces similar books from the collection for kindergarten and first grade. I love books like this and was happy to see something for older grades too. Staring the school year can be scary at any age 

That is all for today! Hubby has the whole weekend off so I likely won't be back on till Monday! Maybe I can convince him to do back to school clothes shopping?! 


  1. How strange that I would link up to Doodlebug's linky and see your blog (which was new to me) linked up next to it AND discover that we both blogged about a Color Run! I'll be doing one in September!

    Good luck this year as you journey into teaching! I'm your newest follower!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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    1. My Color Run is at the end of September as well! I can't wait to hear how yours goes! Mine will be my first 5K ever so I am a little worried but also very excited for the color party at the end!! :)

  2. That book is on my wish list!! I have been trying to learn to create my own images and digital paper... I am pretty terrible at it though, yours are great!! Cute letter too.


    1. Thank you! I am rather proud of them but to be honest, it was a lot of time spent reading online tutorials as well as a lot of trial and error! I don't know how some of those super creative teachers do it!

  3. Those images are really cute!! I've been trying to make some of my own, but they look TERRIBLE!! Yours are great!!
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  4. Hi there! I am also starting my student teaching this fall (4th grade) and was wondering where you got the template for your Meet the Teacher letter? I love it and it's way cuter than the one I created!


    1. Hi Aimee! Thanks, I created the background myself and the content was based off of a mixture of Meet the Teacher letters I read from other blogs and online. If you'd like to use the background or use mine as a template, I can send it to you over email.